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What is Pitch@Palace?

The Duke of York founded Pitch@Palace to support Entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas by connecting them with potential supporters including CEOs, Angels, Mentors, and key Business Partners.


A Message from HRH The Duke of York, KG

Pitch@Palace is in itself a Start-Up, and an evolution of questioning the status quo about how we are supporting the Start-Up and Scale-Up ecosystem in the UK, as well as from experience and through experiment.

Started because the need for continued support of UK Business and in particular SME’s and the need to invest in our nation's Skills and Education to continue to bring well skilled and well educated people into the workplace. It also thinks thinking globally rather than locally but in the knowledge economy the focus must be on Science, Engineering and Technology.

Additionally, my naval background led me to understand one of the fundamental facets of entrepreneurial business; that ‘no plan outlasts first contact with the enemy’, and that there is no better way of finding out if your idea will work than to put your idea into practice.

However, this is not the only answer and that in order for entrepreneurial business to take place then the opportunity, the right conditions and the right start up eco-system needs to be available. Pitch@Palace is about creating the network and opportunities for young Start-Up and Scaling businesses can be given acceleration.

In order for all this to take place, it requires many people to do many things and to work with and alongside each other, using the unique skills available to them, in other words Teamwork is vital in any businesses success. In my case it is to act as an Accelerant to the Start Up and Scale-Up community and to champion education, skills and enterprise.

Key Objectives

  • To provide a platform for Entrepreneurs to engage and interact with potential supporters.
  • To showcase the work of Entrepreneurs to a wider community.
  • To achieve positive outcomes for the Entrepreneurs both in terms of funding and business direction.
  • In due course, to develop a Digital Platform or Network to encourage and promote continued dialogue after the Events.


Core Values

  • Entrepreneur-Focused: To put the needs of Entrepreneurs above those of Partners and Audience, remembering that the primary goal is to support their efforts to build their businesses.
  • UK-Focused: To put the UK first whilst recognising the benefits of collaborating with key overseas markets.
  • Global Market: To recognise that all Entrepreneurs need to be part of the Global Market to succeed and the 'knowledge sharing' can lead to helpful international collaborations.
  • Philanthropic: To seek no excess financial return for support.
  • Collaborative: To be collaborative in approach and foster a culture of collaboration among Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Angels, Mentors, and key Business Partners.

Programme Format

Pitch@Palace takes place twice a year at St. James's Palace and between 12 and 15 UK Entrepreneurs pitch to an audience of around 300 CEOs, Angels, Mentors, and key Business Partners.

The Entrepreneurs that pitch at St. James's Palace are selected by a panel of Judges from a group of 42 Entrepreneurs who attend Bootcamp. Bootcamp provides the Entrepreneurs with coaching and mentoring, as well as an opportunity to practice their pitches. All 42 Bootcamp Entrepreneurs can attend Pitch@Palace.

Bootcamp Entrepreneurs are selected from application forms, as well as the winners of Pitch@Palace On Tour events.

Pitch@Palace On Tour provides Entrepreneurs from across the United Kingdom the opportunity to particpate in the programme, connect to local stakeholders to provide mentoring in developing their business. At each Pitch@Palace On Tour 3 Entrepreneurs will be awarded a place at Pitch@Palace Bootcamp. Click here to read more about the Pitch@Palace On Tour events.



Why Pitch@Palace?

  • Pitch@Palace is entirely focused on the benefits for Entrepreneurs, as we take no stake in our participants and impose no restrictions.
  • Pitch@Palace is truly diverse, open to Entrepreneurs at any stage, anywhere in the country, across a range of industries.
  • Pitch@Palace offers access to a uniquely transformative community, including leading CEOs and International Partners alongside Startups and Angels.
  • Pitch@Palace delivers benefits customised to you by focusing on Connections over Investment. 75% of our Entrepreneurs in 2015 made 5 or more useful connections.