Pitch@Palace 3.0 took place on 23rd March, 2015 and focused on Technology within the Creative Industries. Each previous event has led us on a journey of discovery, much like the Entrepreneurs are finding as they build their businesses. I am continuously testing and changing the format and sector we focus on to add value across the spectrum of Start-up companies that this innovative and dynamic country has.

I am immensely proud of the achievements of the Entrepreneurs in the Pitch@Palace programme, they have shone a light on the diversity and imagination across the country, clearly demonstrating that pursuing an idea or dream can be realised with knowledge and determination. This is all possible with the drive of the Entrepreneurs, and as far as Pitch@Palace is concerned the commitment and enthusiasm of all of the attendees and partners of the event.

2015 will see continuous development of Pitch@Palace and we start with Pitch 3.0 showcasing The Creative Industries; this is a key sector for the United Kingdom and undoubtedly one which we lead the world with it contributing around 1.7m jobs and worth nearly £80bn. 42 teams were selected to attend Boot Camp on 12th March, 2015 and as usual all 42 were at St. James’s Palace on 23rd March with 14 pitching to the audience.

I am tremendously grateful to our sponsors and partners enabling this to be the event that Entrepreneurs vie to come to, in such a short period of time. The work of Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom is incredibly important to building future prosperity.

HRH The Duke of York, KG

Pitch@Palace 3.0 Winners

Event Winners

Peoples Choice Award

Pitch@Palace 3.0 - March, 2015


After an intensive Boot Camp, 14 companies were selected to Pitch at St James’s Palace:

Pitch@Palace 3.0 was focused on the impact of Technology and Innovation in the Creative Industries. The event was held at St. James's Palace on 23rd March, 2015.

Pitch@Palace 3.0 Entrepreneurs

  • imageAirstoc
  • imageCambridge Coding Academy
  • imageChineasy
  • imageCocoon
  • imageCYCL
  • imageEuropean Gaming League
  • imageFormisimo
  • imagegiftgaming
  • imageGrabble
  • imageHandpick
  • imageHello Soda
  • imageI Can Make
  • imageImmerse Learning
  • imageInlifesize Ltd.
  • imageJukedeck
  • imageKuato
  • imageMagic Pony Technology
  • imageMiappi
  • imageMihaibao
  • imageMiorama
  • imageMuch Better Adventures
  • imageOpenDesk
  • imagePixel Blimp
  • imagePlotBox
  • imageRemora
  • imageRize
  • imageRormix
  • imageShopwave
  • imageSkignz
  • imageStamplay
  • imageStickyworld Ltd
  • imageStipso
  • imageTeam Turquoise
  • imageThe Pop Stick
  • imageTruRating
  • imageUncover
  • imageusheru
  • imageVidsy
  • imageVISR VR
  • imageVisualwise
  • imageVODO
  • imageWe Are Colony

Food and Drink Entrepreneurs

As part of delivery of the event, Pitch@Palace 3.0 showcased Food and Drink Entrepreneurs.

Pitch@Palace 2.0 - November, 2014

Pitch@Palace 2.0 took place on 5th November, 2014. The winning teams included Squirrel, Gift Reveal, Insignia Technologies, Pure Marine Gen and SAM Labs.

Pitch@Palace 2.0 Entrepreneurs

  • imageAlgoDynamix
  • imageAnywhereHPLC
  • imageAqdot
  • imageArmourgel
  • imageArnia
  • imageAyar
  • imageCarritech Research
  • imageDawn Robotics Ltd
  • imageEddy Labs Ltd
  • imageEvil Twin Artworks Ltd
  • imageFourth State Medicine Ltd
  • imageGift Reveal
  • imageInsane Logic
  • imageInsignia Technologies
  • imageKinnotech
  • imageKisanHub
  • imageMutant Labs
  • imageMyriada
  • imageNanodynamics
  • imagenu desine
  • imageOmniDynamics
  • imageOpen Utility
  • imagePassive Eye Ltd
  • imagePixelPin Ltd
  • imagePixel Toys
  • imagePling (Formally DigiBlocks)
  • imagePoetica
  • imagePure Marine Gen
  • imageReach Robotics Limited
  • imageSAM Labs
  • imageSee.Sense
  • imageSinclair Fire
  • imageSmart Antenna Technologies
  • imageSquirrel
  • imageTerra Recovery
  • imageTherapy Box
  • imageVirtually Free
  • imageVocalIQ Limited
  • imageWibbu

Pitch@Palace 2.0 Partners


Pitch@Palace 1.0 - April, 2014

Pitch@Palace 1.0 took place on 2nd April, 2014. Among the winners were Yoyo, Simpl, Industrial Phycology, Onlysix, Blocks and Really NEET.

Pitch@Palace 1.0 Entrepreneurs

  • imageA Door For
  • imageAutism Biotech
  • imageBeem
  • imageBlocks
  • imageBrewbot
  • imageCode Kingdoms
  • imageEnvolve Technology
  • imageFlatClub
  • imageGateway Interactive
  • imageGitSquad
  • imageHF Design
  • imageHubble (Formally Spacious)
  • imageIndustrial Phycology
  • imageKarisma Kidz
  • imageKnodium
  • imageneighbourly
  • imageNifty
  • imageOK, Yah!
  • imagePermutive (Formally Onlysix)
  • imagePip & Nut
  • imageProversity
  • imagePurple WiFi
  • imageReally Neet
  • imageSimpl
  • imageSkin Analytics
  • imageTaggled
  • imageThe Backscratchers
  • imageThird Space Learning
  • imageTreePress
  • imageVetCloud
  • imageWakelet
  • imageWaterfox
  • imageXBTerminal
  • imageYossarian Lives
  • imageYoyo
  • imageZippyKit

Pitch@Palace 1.0 Partners



image image image image image image image image image image image image image


See the impact of Pitch@Palace 2.0 and 1.0 below:

Pitch@Palace 2.0
Pitch@Palace 1.0